Burj Khalifa

Thursday 20th October 2016

From whatever angle you look, the magnificent Burj Khalifa is outstanding. It’s architecture, dimensions, finishing, aesthetic all combine effortlessly. Glimmering in the city’s perpetual sunrays, the steel and glass tower stands as the proud centerpiece of the Emirate of Dubai. We residents love staring at it, walking around it, photographing it and when flush with money, eat on its lower levels’ Armani Hotel.

Next door is Souk Al Bahar; an Arabic-style retail, residential and dining destination located in the heart of the Downtown Dubai, overlooking The Dubai Fountain.
Meaning ‘Market of the Sailor,’ Souk Al Bahar derives its name from its souk-style architecture, which features natural stone corridors, high archways, subdued lighting, and a unique waterfront location on Burj Lake.

Today we decide to explore the view up high, simply by walking around Souk Al Bahar, even dipping ourselves into one of its cool pools. For a resident of eight years, what I found up in the Dubai sky was breathtaking…

img_8840 img_8852 img_8863 img_8868


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