Wedding Cake

…and the crowd yelled “we want CAKE!” Ah, the hungry wedding guests shall be subdued only, and finally, with a piece of your delicious and prettily decorated wedding cake. Its true! Family and friends wish only to gush over its style, colour, tiers and embellishments, then bite into a slice and rejoice that this loved-up couple in front of their eyes are finally betrothed. The ring’s on her finger, so lets eat CAKE!

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

How to choose your perfect wedding cake
* Choose a cake that matches your venue. Say the venue is a ballroom then a big tall cake will work splendidly. A small and intimate space calls for a more modest creation.
* Pick a cake that works with the height of the bride and groom. You know the cake towers too high when just by standing near it you disappear. Nor do you want to seem like you are looming over a tiny one.

Its worth a moment of thought: what cake will represent that first piece of dessert you share as husband and wife?

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