Kingsley: GITEX

Friday 25th April @ 4pm, Dubai

This is the face of an annoyed and slightly bored husband. Its the look Erroll gives when he is completely over crowds and the idiotic frantic shoppers out desperate for a deal who think nothing of deliberately bumping/crashing/elbowing into us in order to get to the bargains before we do.

Dragging both boys out to find a bargain do some shopping.

Dragging both boys out to find a bargain do some shopping.

We’re at GITEX, the Middle East’s largest consumer IT and electronics sales extravaganza. Shoppers from all over have flown here, taken buses and trains too. THOUSANDS have flocked to the Dubai World Trade Centre to save a penny and buy a gadget. Thinking it would serve as a great family activity to go shopping together, we walked the kilometer here from our apartment and upon entering the its doors, got shoved about and the experience startled Kingsley and irritated the husband no end.

Hence, cranky Erroll…but THRILLED ME! I got what I have wanted for a while now: macro lens and camera tripod. We three hurried home the instant money was exchanged. Needless to say, never again.

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