Kingsley: Nurse Walks

8th April 2014

How very grown up! This morning was the very first time Kingsley was allowed out and about without the supervision of either of his parents. The adult in charge is his nurse, Jinky, who I have great confidence in and who in turn treasures her young charge, our son.

Nurse Jinky and Kingsley about to go for a walk

Nurse Jinky and Kingsley about to go for a walk

My brief to Jinky was thorough and explicit. Yes, I want her to take our boy for walks around the neighbourhood. Yes, I believe that fresh air and sunshine will do wonders for our infant’s health. Yes, I trust her. As long as the baby is dresssed appropriately for the weather and Jinky does not stray from the vicinity, carries her mobile with her, and has her wits about her, then I believe a walk can be a great experience for Kingsley to explore his surroundings.

Happy exploring little one!

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