8th Month: Airline Travel

At 32 weeks gestation I took to the friendly skies. My mission? To visit dearest pal Kathy who was finally settled into life as an expat in Milano. Only a couple more weeks of safe travel left for me and this was the perfect opportunity: Eid al-Adha week long holidays in Dubai meant I was off work and with a doctor’s note firmly in hand, Emirates Airlines could not deny me a trip abroad!

Aperitivo time in Milano - Katya & Aliki

Aperitivo time in Milano – Katya & Aliki 15th October 2013

Airlines impose strict rules with regards to air travel and pregnancy. Easy to understand why: no cabin crew wishes to be obliged into helping a laboring woman mid flight, with no attending doctor or midwife to assist while the plane is cruising at 36,000 feet. I could fly on commercial airlines without hassle during my first and second trimesters, but during this the third trimester I encountered some restrictions. And fair enough.

All airlines recommend that pregnant ladies consult their doctor before traveling at any point during pregnancy. Play it safe by getting a “permission-to-travel” letter from my doctors: once for travel to The Seychelles (26 weeks), once for travel to Australia (29 weeks) and now, at 32 weeks along, to travel to Italy. Mission accomplished!


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