18-10-18 Kiddie Reunion

Thursday 18th October 2018

Today Linus got to entertain a bunch of his best mates. A dream for him! Pool, park, picnic, friends he’s known since birth.

Jodie and her boys Koa & Leo came over with a picnic. Min and her two Haarleen & Aamrat swung round with a suitcase of clothes for the bebĕs. Camilla left her two at home and hung out for a while even driving me to the local Spinneys for supplies (laban included of course) as JiaJia Dora had Linus in the park till well after dark.

Didn’t think Dubai Autumn days would be so mild. Hot, granted, but a good 20°C cooler than the summer. So at midday Niluka ventured out with us to the local Arabian Ranches pool. What blissfully refreshing water! Linus dive-bombed right in…

Here is the second half of our day in Dubai among pals hitting the playground hard…

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