16-09-18 Reunions at Aqua Glide

Sunday 16th September 2018

A letter written to Oma & Mika…

Ladies I thought you’d like to see how our Sunday looks. We’re back on the mainland and at a beach club with of course Aqua Glide. Its 5:30 and the lads have stopped jumping on the inflatables only because I call them to shore to drink water and eat bananas and cheese toasties. I love it here at Eden Beach Resort because the DJ is spinning tasty tunes and the lounges are comfy.

Kingsley is stuck to his dad. Every now and again he’ll offer me a ‘mumma’ and wonder what I’m doing but its all about Action Dad ever since we arrived from Kea last night.

Ladies Erroll’s 18th day in Greece is a cracker of a family day…

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