29-06-18 Over to Phædon’s Villa

Friday 29th June 2018

A week after happily bumping into Phædon at our town square – then wildly playing for the next couple of hours like lunatics – its time for today’s more organised / civilized get together: a visit to Phædon’s family villa.

Straight after school I inform Δωρόθεος that we are invited to play. And do you know what he said? ‘Lets buy Phædon a κουλούρι from the φούρνο: one for me and one for Phædon.’

In fact it is Tonia our local taxi driver who gives Kingsley a €2 coin this arvo, when JiaJia Dora stops by the taxi stand to chat with his elderly dad, Mr. Panayiöti. These two love Kingsley so much they often buy him an ice cream from the περίπτερο. Today they slipped him €2 and he chose to buy his little mate a tasty sesame bread ring…

At the villa the two boys grow wild at seeing one another. Nothing much is eaten for the enthusiasm of a play date overrides hunger, even thirst. As you can see the sesame κουλούρια remain uneaten…

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