24-03-18 Drummer

Saturday 24th March

Our first breakfast at cousin Leon’s! Aunty Carmen fixes pancakes for the boys and I get to sleep in. Bliss! But really there’s no sleep in because Kingsley has full access to this…

In the mid morning while Leon receives his drum lesson Kingsley and I go on a bushy hike. I actually must remove him from the drum kit. We see a running stream, babbling brook, chuck rocks in the lake and throw sticks for a dog to fetch. Nature!

By the early arvo I’m spent so force the kiddo to nap which he resists but who can stop the power of a back scratch?! He’s passed out in 10 minutes and we remain so for a couple of hours. This of course is a great thing because this afternoon Kingsley gets to meet and play with Uncle Phet & Ayumi’s boys Jona & Kobi. They eat next to nothing ’cause it’s all to good to expand the squad.

New generation of party people right here in The Gap…

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