16-05-17 Final Tuesday

Tuesday’s 16th May 2017

After a 11.5 hour sleep you wake, ask after me (‘Mummà mummà!’) and pretending to come from the loo (‘I just had to wee darling…’) scurry from the comforts of sleeping ALONE in JiaJia’s bed, to laying by your side in our cramped quarters again. You won’t be drawn into falling asleep; you’re already wide awake, hungry and asking for an apple.

Apple you shall receive followed by a banana then a crunchy toast with a chaser of milk drunk from the yellow vintage beaker Great grandma Bonnie gave you in November. Full from all the breakfast goodness, now you are ready for the school bus and second last day at preschool…
As is your will, these days you enjoy choosing outfits for school. Today its the doggy t-shirt from Oma.

And there’s no waiting quietly or in a state of stillness till the school bus arrives. You race between the trees chasing a village cat and select plump green leaves to give me. Those five minutes we are down at the square is no wasted time for you. In those five minutes you’ve greeted neighbours, run off your breakfast and given me leafy greens to take home. Enjoy your final Tuesday at school Dorøtheos…



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