Kingsley: Sydney Summer ’16/’17

12th December 2016 – 2nd February 2017

Over the course of eight weeks during this Summer, I made sure that Kingsley was exposed to the children of my many good friends. We couldn’t see everyone I wanted to, however the friends I did see – some of whom I have not seen for 25 years – brought their kidlets along to our reunions and it made for great banter seeing the next generation get along. Like my friends have been to me during these nine years abroad – loyal, interested in my welfare, welcoming when I return on holidays – I know these kids will welcome Kingsley into their circle once we are back in Australia for good. Friends for life.

Max and Marcus

Luca and Alana

Luca and Alana

Ben, Alex, Sam

Ben and Alex


Isabella, Adrian, Massimo, Gianluca, Alessia

Isabella, Adrian, Massimo, Gianluca, Alessia

Lana and Lawson

Sam and Alex

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