22-09-16 Paris Day 1 Travel

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Well I certainly didn’t expect such a smooth, stress free international travel experience, not when I’ve been hearing horror stories from loved ones of how dangerous train travel is in Paris, and how kids are kidnapped often from Charles De Gaule Airport. And not when I was lugging a 25 kilograms of luggage while pushing a pram.

So when I finally make it to Hotel Colbert (that last kilometer of our journey being on foot, from Gáre de Sceaux to the hotel’s glass doors) all I wanted to do was kiss all the kind strangers who helped Kingsley and I get to our final destination in a calm and enjoyable manner. And that includes the sweet uni student with impeccable English who literally carried and wheeled our suitcase from platform to front reception desk.

My highschool French has never let me down, and this my fourth trip to Paris was even easier: flustered yet well dressed mum to toddler with rudimentary French and a big smile seemed to get me all the assistance I needed from kind strangers to deliver Kingsley and I into the Autumn paradise of Sceaux without even one tantrum or breakdown…


Crew give Kingsley pencils, activity set, books and toys


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On board entertainment a sanity saver

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