Kingsley: Ruth

July 2016, Dubai

Back when Kingsley attended Hummingbird Nursery, he very much took to a little girl named Ruth. Both at the time were crawlers, though Kingsley was much faster in getting around than Ruth, and he enjoyed following her in and out of the various soft play areas. Her mum, Fran – she and I became firm friends quickly – noticed the obvious affection between our babies, back then not yet one year of age. There at nursery we’d bump into each other after long days in our respective offices, and watch our babies play together. I knew Kingsley was smitten from the way he preferred her face to all the other kidlets, and didn’t like leaving nursery if Ruth happened to still be there.

Fast forward a year and half, and these now toddlers still have eyes only for each other. Well, for each other and Ruth’s toys…



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