16-07-16 Heatwave Saturday

Saturdays in Summertime Dubai

All over the news recently: Dubai will soar in fifty degree Celsius temperatures, so beware, cool off and stay hydrated. Now that we are headlong into summertime in the Middle East, those of us who are seasoned expats can handle the heat well enough to leave our apartments, walk the distance to the Metro and commute to the pleasant surrounds of a 5* luxurious hotel or resort for some pool action.

Today Kingsley and I did just that, meeting up with longtime friend Camilla and her youngest, Maya, for a day of swimmies at The Conrad Hotel’s Purobeach Club. From the hours of 11am till 5pm we swam, splashed, ran, played, dived and showered in the great outdoors that is Dubai’s urban skyline.

When submerged in cool water, the extreme desert temperatures don’t seem as harsh. Mind you any longer than 10 minutes in direct sun is enough to frazzle your head, so we chose to play in the water for most of the day. We even took ourselves indoors for an hour when the heat became unbearable. Heatwave Saturday, you have never felt so cool…




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