Kingsley: The Badawi Boys

Saturday 2nd July 2016

These three rascals – ages one (Koa), two (King) and three (Leo) – have an unusual rhythm going on together and they flow real smooth when at play: not a tantrum, or misunderstanding between them. I predict that they will, once the youngest turns legal (a.k.a 18 in Oz) pack their rucksacks and take a Contiki tour of Ibiza…and party hard. Us mums will be calling their mobiles screaming down the line ‘where are you??!!! Why aren’t you calling me every day like you SAID you WOULD!!??!!

Today the kidlets reunited after three months apart. Last time we saw the Badawi boys was at a food festival at the Emirates Golf Course in Dubai, back in the first week of April. There they ran amok and ended up dancing to the girl grunge band playing loudly, as the sun went down. Tonight, too, we had dancing after dark. However it was once the tasty fish fingers (kids) and pie (adults) was cleared from the Badawi’s dining table, to The Wiggles hit ‘Hot Potato Hot Potato’.

The Badawi boys Leo and Koa

The Badawi boys Leo and Koa

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