Kingsley: So Many Emotions

October 2015

Now that I have reached the end of my 22nd month of life, I have mastered many of my emotions: happy, excited, surprised, irritated, curious, downright mad…

You’ll see me showing my emotions more and more everyday, my most favourite being showing my Mumaa affection, and every now and again, crankiness. I have been known to show jealousy especially at the playground in Saronida when other toddlers bring their lousy toys and wont let me play with them.

And just ask my Mumaa and Jiajia how more aware of others’ feelings I have become. When Jiajia pretends to cry (to get me to stop hitting her, say), I will express concern and say “κλαίει” (“she is crying”). I know she is bluffing, but hey, let her think I am a modern man in the making…

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