Kingsley: 8Oct Kempinski Hotel

8th October

At age 22 months and one day, we treat each other to a long lazy swim at the Mall of the Emirates Kempinski Hotel. All it took was Tina and I to walk in with an air of confidence, smile broadly to Jerry the resident lifesaver, order coffees from the waiter, and for me to slip into my bathing suit (which these days I always keep in the buggy, along with Kingsley’s).

What followed was hours of us enjoying the pool deck, Kingsley being fitted out with a life vest by Jerry and us all swimming till the sun fell to the horizon. Of course I was far too involved in instructing K in the art of swimming for any photos to be taken, but my memories of today are solid. What a glorious Dubai day.

Taken at the Westin Hotel Dubai

Taken at the Westin Hotel Dubai


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