Kingsley: Last Day of 2014

Wednesday 31st December 2014, 10PM

Exactly two hours till we break on through to 2015,  well at least here in the Middle East. Australia has been reveling in the new year for some hours now. But for us there is no real reveling: I am in mismatching pyjamas and Kingsley is merrily crawling on all fours in socks and nappy only. We have a world class view from our balcony: the towering Burj Khalifa is right now sparkling in her usual garb of spangled lights. But come midnight it’ll be spectacular! Fireworks! Music!! Dancing in the streets!!! Its Kingsley’s first (proper) new year and I am making sure we both stay up to see it happen!

The Ninii and I in Nashville

The Ninii and I in Nashville

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