The Green Planet, City Walk Dubai

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Right now, possibly no other activity within the cityscape of Dubai is as invigorating as exploring The Green Planet located at the super slick City Walk precinct. And I mean this for children and adults alike: three adults and two toddlers came to investigate this relatively new installation as a novel way to celebrate one of our little terror’s birthdays today, thinking we’d dedicate an hour of our day there…and we didn’t want to leave!

The 'cube' at CityWalk wherein lies The Green Planet

The ‘cube’ at CityWalk wherein lies The Green Planet

Well, Kingsley and his sweet friend, birthday girl Haarleen, could not believe their eyes as we entered the four storey ‘cube’ housing an entire rainforest with its cascading waterfalls, pools of tropical fish and trees fluttering with colourful birds. Us adults were instantly transported to a misty, verdant ecosystem the likes of which we’ve not come even close to experiencing living here in the desert (or elsewhere for that matter).

Feathered friends welcome us in

Feathered friends welcome us in

Open daily till late, The Green Planet is very special space and all the more so because its staff are ready to educate and encourage big and small kids with their encounter of wildlife. Staff professions span naturalists, botanists, educationists and vets. All speak with ease and authority regarding the wildlife they tend to. Today we learned from them all about the life-cycles of bees, ants, butterflies, sloths, turtles, even porcupines and tarantulas.

Below is how we experienced the magical destination of The Green Planet. Come on a walk with us…

Mesmerized from watching how ants colonize and transport leaves

Mesmerized from watching how ants colonize and transport leaves


Sleepy, nocturnal porcupines


Male sloth asleep


Kingsley running the suspended rope bridge


A pair of tropical birds


Toddler heaven


The one seat in the entire Green Planet rainforest

Such exotic birds at every turn

Such exotic birds at every turn


Exploring caves


Learning about catepillars and butterflies


Little scientists encouraged to use the microscopes


Educated, entertained and stimulated…leaving The Green Planet with a smile

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